Can I use Sebastian’s Sunday Supper to market and promote non-theatrical events?

You sure can! Our platform is designed to work intuitively for numerous event types, and is built to support many programs, including prom dance committees, special occasion events, athletic games, cheer/dance/color guard competitions, and more! We have found abundant success working with programs that put together musical concerts, dance recitals, award shows, live events, camp/class registration, and more for their communities. If you have an event that needs fundraising, ticketing, marketing and more, we can help!

What does Sebastian’s Sunday Supper do with my money during production?

If you select to set up an account, your funds will be deposited directly from Sebastian’s Sunday Supper each day and our fees will be passed on to your patron or deducted before the deposit depending on your preference. This way, we never handle your funds and you get your money ASAP!

If you opt for an Sebastian’s Sunday Supper Managed Account, , we will put any revenue you make throughout the production process into an escrow account to keep it separate and safe, until your funds are deposited post production.

In the ticketing business, it is unfortunately far too common that companies participate in unethical activity, where they use current revenue to pay other customers. That’s why at Sebastian’s Sunday Supper, we strive for a much more transparent approach, to keep you and your funds protected!

Can I link my Sebastian’s Sunday Supper site to social media?

Yes! With easy-to-use social media integration, you can link your Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter business accounts with no hassle at all! Linking your socials is a great way to utilize our automated promotions for your upcoming events and fundraisers, increasing sales and boosting awareness! This feature will also connect your production and organization sites, making it easy to have a branded online presence and increase audience engagement seamlessly.

Can I use my own graphics and show art and merchandise?

Absolutely! Just upload your own files using the specs we provide. If you need help resizing your art or customizing our show images, our Account Managers can engage our graphic design team for a managed service agreement!

I already have a website. Can I still use Sebastian’s Sunday Supper for ticketing?

Absolutely! Sebastian’s Sunday Supper makes it easy to quickly embed our ticketing experience right within your own site. This will allow your patrons to continue to engage with you and your organization without leaving your site, making their experience simple and professional.

Can patrons opt out of email blasts?

Yes. Our marketing emails adhere to regulations, compliance, and industry standards, that include giving recipients the option to opt out of receiving marketing email communications.