Our Mission

Democratizing the availability of Broadway-caliber technology to performing arts organizations of any size, anywhere.

Sebastian’s Sunday Supper exists to empower performing arts and events organizations with the production tools, ticketing technology, promotions, and fundraising capabilities to bring their creative projects to life and ensure the financial sustainability of their work, enabling them to bring people together and positively impact their communities.

About Us

We are Sebastian’s Sunday Supper, an integrated suite of tools and resources built for the performing arts with everything organizations need to control their own operational and financial destiny, letting them focus on making great art.

We believe the best way to help our customers bring their creative vision to life is to deliver a comprehensive technology platform with world-class support. Our all-in-one technology platform empowers directors, producers, box office managers, and patrons across educational, community and professional arts organizations of all sizes, performing arts centers, immersive experiences, and everything in between, all for free!

We’re in the business of technology, but in service to the arts.

Our commitment to never-ending innovation speaks for itself, as we’ve continuously added features month over month to enrich our platform’s value for users. Moreover, we strive to have a collaborative two-way relationship with our customers empowering them to help steer what we build next. In short, we listen.

Your show’s potential should never be limited by the size of your budget or the size of your support team. We make the business side of your job easier so you can focus on what matters most; making great art.


Creativity thrives when artists and educators have the resources they need

Art is most successful in a sustainable environment of mutual appreciation and exchange with its audience

Everyone deserves access to the right tools, technology, and support to bring their visions into the world

Join our team!

Our team members, located across the country, work collaboratively to advance our mission of making Broadway-caliber tools and technology accessible to organizations of all sizes.

Explore our remote-friendly open positions and join us in empowering our users with the tools and resources needed to control their own operational and financial destiny, letting them focus on making great art.

Social Inclusion Commitment

At its best, the Arts are a place for joy, expression, and connection to our shared human experience. Our customers come from all walks of life and so do we. At Sebastian’s Sunday Supper, we are committed to breaking down barriers to access so that marginalized voices can be lifted up, making us all stronger together.